The Importance of Creation and Evolution

"It is not a matter of whether one is biased or not. It is really a question of which bias is the best bias with which to be biased."
-Ken Ham
This is not a creation vs. evolution post. Similarly, the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate from a while back was not a creation vs. evolution debate. It was certainly advertised as such, and commonly seen as such, and even declared to be a creation vs. evolution debate by the moderator. However, when we read the topic for the debate, we see that evolution was never even mentioned. "Is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern scientific era?" While it certainly dealt directly with the idea of creation, and very strongly with its opponent, evolution, it was not a discussion about which was right. The question was simply whether the creation model is viable. Today's post will be discussing the topic of creation and evolution, but it is not about which model is correct. Rather, I hope to show the importance of creation vs. evolution in general. For the sake of simplicity, I'm going to address the two major groups involved in this discussion. That is to say, I'll be writing about why this topic should be important to the Christian, and then I'll be writing about why this topic should be important to the atheist.

Let's begin with the Christian side of the discussion. The Christian faith is based on the Bible. The Bible refers to itself as the infallible Word of God, being perfect in every way. If the Bible is wrong in even one place, then it cannot be the infallible Word of God, which demolishes the Christian faith. So it becomes very important to ask, is the theory of evolution compatible with the Bible? If the answer is yes, then the discussion of creation vs. evolution is of little importance to the Christian. If the answer is no, then we must take a side and stand by it. So is evolution compatible with the Bible? Searching Google will bring up any number of results. Many will likely be from and Answers in Genesis. You'll also find results from websites defending theistic evolution. There are so many factors, that it would take an extensive amount of time to cover everything. So I'll go over a very few basics.
We must examine whether the Genesis account of creation was meant to be taken literally. That is to say, was it meant as a historical account, or as a poetic account? If it were meant as a poetic account, we would come across a number of problems. One problem being the issue of sin and death. The Bible teaches that death is a result of sin. A single, first sin, that was chosen by mankind. Evolution involves millions of years of death and destruction, even if it were being guided by God. This means that death must have been around before sin. (This is also a problem for one theory involving the Hebrew word "yom," meaning "day." Another problem with that theory is that the Bible specifies evening and morning, each day. There are more problems with this theory, but let's stick to the figurative side for now.) If the creation account is figurative, then everything else falls apart. Even in the New Testament, the Bible speaks of the first Adam, who brought sin, and the second Adam (Jesus) Who brings life. If there wasn't a single act of sin that brought death into the world, then the sacrifice of Jesus means nothing.
While I could go into far more detail on the subject, I believe that this is enough for our purposes, and we can safely say that evolution is incompatible with the Bible. Therefore, creation vs. evolution is an extremely important topic for the Christian, as it serves as a foundation for what we believe. (In addition, it is important to point out that even those who believe evolution is compatible with the Bible rarely point to reasons within the Bible showing why they believe that evolution is the best interpretation, but rather point to what something could mean, and how it could be compatible with evolution.)

Having covered the more complex side of the discussion, we now move into why this discussion is important for the atheist. Again, this is a question of compatibility. Is creationism compatible with atheism? This question is significantly easier to answer, and again, the answer is no. The topic is important to the atheist because if the universe was created, then there is (at least) a god, which causes the atheistic belief that there is no God or other deity to fall flat.

Again, this post is not about which belief is correct (though it should be fairly easy for you to figure out which I believe). This post is about why the topic is important in the first place. People can attempt to make one view compatible with the other belief, but in reality, evolution is not compatible with the Bible. If creationism could be disproved, then the Bible would fall flat, just like atheism would fall flat without evolution. Creation vs. evolution is a discussion of origins. And in order to say why we believe what we believe, knowing where we came from is vital.
"If you destroy the foundations of anything, the structure will collapse. If you want to destroy any building, you are guaranteed early success if you destroy the foundations."
-Ken Ham

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